Dongkuk Industries Considers Its Employees as Family Members

We support employees' development and healthy lives.

Comprehensive Health Checkup Support

We strive to provide the best health care for our employees through health checkup support.

Self-Development Support

From purchasing books to external and online training, we support various self-development programs to encourage the growth and development of our employees.

Lunch Support

Lunch is provided at each plant, while the Seoul headquarters supports lunch costs.

Our employees' families are also part of the Dongkuk Industries family.

Child Education Expenses Support

To reduce the burden of tuition fees and stabilize living conditions, we support the educational expenses of employees' children from high school to university.

Family-Friendly Policies

We endeavor to balance work and home life by operating family-friendly policies, including parental leave, maternity leave, and reduced working hours for childcare.

We also support time outside the company.

Recreational Facilities Support

We strive to facilitate leisure and re-energize our employees by operating holiday homes nationwide.

Club Activities Support

We contribute to fulfilling our employees' cultural and leisure needs by supporting various club activities, including sports clubs (soccer, mountaineering, golf).

Work-Life Balance

We adhere to legal working hours by operating a holiday substitution system and suppressing unnecessary overtime/holiday work.

Summer Vacation and REFRESH Program

We operate a personal REFRESH vacation system to promote our employees' mental and physical health and encourage a balance between work and life.

The happiness of our employees is the happiness of Dongkuk Industries.

Support for Life Events

We support life events by delivering congratulatory baskets upon hiring,
congratulatory money and fruit (flower) baskets for childbirth,
gift cards for birthdays
and gifts for Lunar New Year, Chuseok, and Labor Day
Support is also provided for bereavement leave, condolence money, and related items in the event of a family death.

Long-term Employee Gift Support

Congratulatory gifts are given for 10, 20, and 30 years of service.