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Safety Polic

Based on the management philosophy of respecting human dignity, Dongkuk Industries is committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy working environment, preventing accidents, and protecting themselves and their colleagues by cooperating with each other. To this end, we practice the following safety and health management policies:

① Provide all employees with a safe and healthy work environment to achieve a workplace free of accidents and injuries.

② Continuously improve the safety and health management system based on the active participation and consultation of employees and worker representatives.

③ Faithfully implement domestic and international safety and health laws and other requirements.

④ All employees actively participate and consult in safety and health management activities, reducing risks by eliminating hazards.

⑤ Establish and execute goals and action plans for effectively carrying out the safety and health management policy, promoting continuous improvement in safety and health performance.

January 2, 2023 CEO of Dongkuk Industries, Lee Won-hwi

January 2, 2023
CEO of Dongkuk Industries, Lee Won-hwi


Creating a safe and comfortable
working environment

establishing a proactive accident
prevention management culture

fulfilling social responsibility for
human life, and respect

Action Plans

Activating hazard assessments
Performing regular monitoring of musculoskeletal disorders
Empowering supervisory managers
Operating safety training facilities and health management rooms
Encouraging all-employee participation in PATROL activities
Supporting health diagnostics for employees and families, and medical expenses

Safety Interview

Assistant Manager Park Jong-gyeol, Safety and Health Overall Team

Self-regulation prevention systems, risk assessments conducted by labor-management contractors and subcontractors, and the 3S Observe campaign, among other safety and health management systems, protect the safety of Dongkuk Industries' employees.

Safety Campaign

3S Observe

Emphasizing the importance of safety in work environments accompanied by high temperatures, heavy machinery, chemical substances, etc., and ensuring all employees work in a safe environment, a new safety campaign commenced on January 11, 2024.

Safety Organization Chart

Certification Status

Siheung Plant

ISO 45001


Pohang Plant

ISO 45001