Human Rights Management
Code of Ethics
We Protect the Dignity and Rights of All Employees
and Create a Fair Working Environment

Human Rights Management

Prevention of Workplace Harassment

We grow respect and consideration by working together. Remembering that a harassment-free daily life is everyone's responsibility, we conduct annual education to prevent workplace harassment. We are creating a workplace environment free from harassment, where employees can focus on their work.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work

We create a workplace culture based on respect and fairness. Based on mutual respect, we aim to create an environment free from gender discrimination and sexual harassment. We conduct annual education to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, ensuring all employees can work comfortably.

Improving Awareness of Disabilities in the Workplace

Our diversity is our strength. We strive to foster a workplace culture that recognizes and respects the abilities and passions of people with disabilities. We look forward to moving towards a better future together and experiencing the joy and satisfaction of working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Personal Information Protection Training

Protecting personal information is the responsibility and right of every employee. We implement annual training on personal information protection to build a safe workplace together, empathizing and adhering to these principles. Dongkuk Industries commits to upholding trust and safety together.