The World Created by Dongkuk and the World to be Created
CI Introduction
'The World Created by Dongkuk, And the World to be Created'

Dongkuk's CI was created with shapes and colors reflecting the strength (trust) and flexibility (hope) of metal.

These two concepts align with the identity Dongkuk aims to embody and explain ‘The World Created by Dongkuk, and the World to be Created.’ Dongkuk's unique Blue and Orange colors represent the company's emphasis on technology and its creative corporate image.

Exclusive Colors

R 0  G 53  B 146
C 100  M 87  Y 0  K 0

R 238  G 120  B 38
C 0  M 65  Y 87  K 0

Dongkuk's exclusive colors are Blue and Orange.
These exclusive colors emphasize a solid and dynamic corporate image and maintain a fresh image at all times.

Minimum Space Regulation

The signature of Dongkuk must ensure a certain amount of space around the symbol based on its size. Given the different forms in Korean and English, this principle is applied differently depending on the case.