Environmental Policy
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We Contribute to Reducing Carbon Emissions and Respecting the Global Environment through Environmental Governance
Environmental Policy

Dongkuk Industries (hereafter referred to as "the company") undertakes planning, development, purchasing, verification, and service activities related to cold-rolled products. We recognize that minimizing the environmental impact caused by these activities and preventing environmental pollution is essential to respecting human life and fulfilling the company's ethical responsibilities. Under the belief that we are part of a community living in harmony with nature, we continuously strive to make nature cleaner, greener, and more pristine by:

- Complying with product and environmental regulations and other regulatory requirements
- Minimizing the emission of air and water pollutantsbr> - Increasing the reuse and recycling rate of waste
- Developing, procuring, and applying environmentally friendly materials

To effectively pursue this and continuously improve environmental performance, the company has established and implemented an effective Environmental Governance system that meets the requirements of "ISO 14001:2015."

January 2, 2023 Dongkuk Industries, Lee Won-hwi January 2, 2023
Dongkuk Industries, Lee Won-hwi