A Steel and Eco-friendly Material Specialist Company Growing through Technological Innovation

Research and Development Team

Pohang Plant Research and Development Team

Pohang Plant Research and Development Team

Located at the Pohang plant, the R&D team utilizes various testing equipment to analyze products and improve quality, contributing to competitive enhancement.

Furthermore, it will predict and prepare for the future through continuous technological trend analysis, new business research, and investment.


1. Strengthening external technical cooperation systems for the Nickel Plating Line business division

2. Securing momentum in the DK new material business field

3. Enhancing development capabilities to meet customer requests

4. Preparing for national projects through research and technical strength enhancement

Research Fields

New Business Development

Strengthening the technical cooperation system of the Nickel-Plating Line business division

Performing research and external cooperation on Nickel-Plated Steel production technology

Prioritizing mass production schedule management and quality stabilization

New Business Review

Reviewing new business studies

Researching and promoting government-supported research projects

Monitoring national projects and discovering industry-academic cooperation projects

Product and Technology Development

Developing technology

Improving processes: Enhancing productivity, reducing costs

Optimizing process operating conditions

New Business Review

Reviewing domestic and international new item development

Designing new product development

Conducting feasibility study of new business market investment

Information Collection

Understanding technological trends and conducting research

Collecting various technical information through external economic research institutes

Grasping trends in the automotive parts industry (eco-friendly vehicles)

Discovering new business items based on collected technology and trend information